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Maserati Premium Service provide a prepaid scheduled maintenance solution as elegant and powerful as your new Maserati. With plans that provide two, three and four annual checks and replacement services, you’ll have the assurance and peace of mind that your vehicle will be in optimum condition throughout your years of ownership, not to mention the tremendous savings you get when you prepay your maintenance. Speak with your authorized Maserati dealer to purchase a Maserati Premium Service prepaid maintenance plan.

Service 24 Months Plan 36 Months Plan 48 Months Plan
Engine Oil & Filter Change 2R 3R 4R
Hydraulic Power Sterring Fluid Level 1C 1C 2C
Brake Fluid Level 1C 1C 1R
Engine Coolant Level 1C 1C 2C
Spark Plugs 1R 1R
Air Filter 1R
Pollen Filter 1R 1R 2R
Cooling System 1C
Alternator Belt 1C 1C 1C & 1R
Hinges, Doors, Front & Rear Lids 1C 1C 1C
Interior Leather 1C
Brake System Lines 1C 1C 2C
Diagnostic Tester 2C 3C 4C
Brake Discs 1C 1C 2C
Brake Pads 1C 1C 2C
Headlight & Lighting System 2C 3C 4C
Road Test 1C 1C 2C
Action (R=Replace C=Check)

Contact dealer for full details.

Program Terms*

24 Months / 25,000 Miles (whichever comes first)

36 Months / 37,500 Miles (whichever comes first)

48 Months / 50,000 Miles (whichever comes first)


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